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This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features the new Museum of Fine Arts Houston exhibition “War Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath.” Anne Wilkes Tucker, the show’s co-curator (along with MFAH’s Will Michaels and Natalie Zelt) joins me to discuss the exhibition and the related 600-page book from the MFAH and the Yale University Press.

The show, which opens this weekend and runs through February 3, includes almost 500 objects, images by more than 280 photographers on six continents, all of it covering 165 years of war. The exhibition and catalogue are presented thematically, with sections on war-related topics such as recruitment, training, daily routine, patrol, the wait, the fight itself, leisure time and more.

On the second segment I talk with Sarah Oppenheimer, a New York-based artist whose architectural interventions challenge our perception of space. Next week the Baltimore Museum of Art will re-open its remodeled contemporary wing. As part of the re-opening the museum will unveil two commissioned works by Oppenheimer that will be on view permanently at the museum. Photographs of the installations were unavailable as of show-time. When they become available I’ll add them here and feature them via social media, especially on our new Facebook page.

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Image: Luis Sinco, Marlboro Marine (detail), November 8, 2004. Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Knight in Shining Garters


The National Portrait Gallery in London purchases a portrait of Chevalier D’Eon, who, among his many accomplishments and accolades, was a transvestite. This portrait may be one of the earliest images of a male transvestite, at least in Britain if not in the western world. ARTnews brings a fascinating article which discusses the history of the painting and the man depicted!

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MoMA Hosts Consortium on Saving Flood-Damaged Artworks this Sunday

One of the far-reaching effects of the destruction brought by Hurricane Sandy is the danger to flood-soaked art collections along the East Coast. Art in America publicizes efforts by MoMA to educate local museums and collectors on how to properly handle and clean flood-effected artworks. 

Sending our hopes for a speedy recovery to those effected by the hurricane.


This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features New York-based painter Jonathan Lasker.

Lasker is featured in the exhibition “Conceptual Abstraction” at the Hunter College Art Galleries in New York. The exhibition takes as its jumping-off point a 1991 show of the same title at Sidney Janis Gallery, a show that aimed to introduce a new generation of abstract painters to New York. The Hunter exhibition reunites the same 20 painters via one work from around 1991 and one recent painting. The show is on view through November 10th. (Painter Valerie Jaudon has posted the catalogue for the exhibition on her website.)

Lasker exhibits regularly in the United States in Europe and in 1999 curator David Moos organized a survey of his work titled “Selective Identity.” Lasker’s work is in the collection of numerous museums including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Ludwig and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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Image: Jonathan Lasker, The Quotidian and the Question (detail), 2007. 

Kimbell Art Museum Partners with Google Art Project

Photograph: Robert Laprelle ©2008 Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

Dallas Art News brings us news that the Kimbell is the latest addition to the Google Art Project, a project to make museum collections available to people all over the world. We’re always excited to see new forms of art education! 

You can check out the collection here  and let us know what you think! 

How PoMo Can You Go ?

Featured in the “New Wave Section” of the “Postmodernism” show is Cinzia Ruggeri’s dress design Hommage à Lévi-Strauss, 1983

Where did Postmodernism come from? Where did it go? ARTnews takes you on the journey - check it out!